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2017 Special Events Advisory Team (S.E.A.T.) Application

Hello and welcome to the online 2017 S.E.A.T. Application.
Please take your time to read the following instructions carefully. 

S.E.A.T. Requirements & Application Guidelines: 

Please read the guideline in its entirety BEFORE you submit a S.E.A.T. application.
The 2017 S.E.A.T. Guidelines can be found on our website here: 

About Us:

S.E.A.T. is comprised of City staff representing various municipal divisions that facilitate and support outdoor events taking place on City property and, in some cases, events on private property that have a significant impact on City services. S.E.A.T. ensures that these events have all of the necessary permits, permissions and insurance in place to ensure that the event is healthy and safe for the organizers, participants, the corporation and other citizens.


Step 1 Make sure to click on the Sign Up button found under "Need An Account?" on the right hand side of the page. Please complete the requested steps. Under "Category" please select "Applicants" as your choice.

Step 2 Once you complete the signup process, you'll get an email to confirm your registration. Make sure to check your spam box just in case! Please add emails ending with @fluidreview and to your safe sender list so that you can continue to receive messages from us.

Step 3 Upload all application material on the site as per the instructions you'll see when you log in.


For any questions about the S.E.A.T. application process, please contact:
Special Events Advisory Team (S.E.A.T.)
Events Office, Tourism and Culture Division
T: 905-546-4646

If you have any technical questions about how to use the site, please contact and the software application providers can help address your question.